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Approximately 2000 students attend our courses at any given time. These courses are aimed towards developing all language skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. Delivery methods include taught lessons, blended learning and e-learning. Courseware by way of workbooks, audio, video and multimedia are provided by publishers in the UK, such as Cambridge and Delta. All programmes meet international standards as the curricular are designed according to the Council of Europe Common European Framework. We carry out programmes in association with Pearson/Edexcel International and Cambridge International Examinations (ESOL). As our sister company, Skills for Life (Pvt) Ltd.

Our English Language Courses for Young Learners include the “Pre-Starters”, “Starters”, “Movers” and “Flyers” Programmes. The lesson plan includes a wide variety of motivating activities, aimed at engaging the students’ natural interest and enthusiasm to help them learn English. A defined set of grammar, structure and vocabulary is taught at each of the levels.

English for Teenagers and School Leavers, is designed to be accessible to everyone learning English. The courses are graded at 5 levels (Foundation, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Diploma) according to knowledge and competence. Candidates can enter at a stage that suits them and rise through the series as they improve their language skills. The Diploma level is accepted for admissions to UK Universities.

The courses offered for Adults/ Professionals, includes Business English, which helps prepare youth to enter the world of work. At the introductory stage students learn to extract specific information from short spoken exchanges. They will gain the ability to use appropriate business vocabulary and format. Overall our courses prepare candidates to interact effectively while carrying out routine business transactions.

Equipped with experienced and competent staff, we have been providing corporate training from the inception of Gateway Language Centre. We also provide tailor made training programmes upon request. Partnered with blue chip companies and several NGOs in Sri Lanka, our island wide network enable us to provide English education to entire Sri Lanka.


English for Young Learners

English for Young Learners Programme at Gateway is designed for children from 6 to 12 years. Courses are available at three levels. A preparatory level "Pre starters" is also offered for students who are not eligible for Starters.

Courses Title
Recommended Age Council of Europe Levels
6-8 Below Breakthrough
8-10 Breakthrough (A1)
10-12 Waystage (A2)

The Young Learners Programme provides the foundation to follow the course for Teenagers and School Leavers at a later age.


Our Programmes prepare children for tests carried out by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations at the end of each of the 3 levels. These tests are referred to, as the Cambridge Young Learners Tests. Trained oral examiners from the "Skills for life" in Sri Lanka, visit our examination centres to assess the children's performance in the Speaking test. All other tests are sent to Cambridge and marked by ESOL examiners. Results are reported in a way designed to provide a positive encouragement to the learners. All candidates who complete their tests receive awards, which focus on what they can do (rather than what they can't do) and give them credit for having taken part in the test. Everyone who completes the test is given an award, with a grade between 1-5 (represented by 'shields') for each different skill areas assessed; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.


Our teaching includes activity based work for children and the use of audio and multimedia. Candidates are prepared for the tests at the conclusion of the courses by revision through past papers.

English for Teenagers & School Leavers

This programme is designed to be accessible to everyone learning English - from young teenagers to school leavers. The courses are graded in 5 levels according to experience and competence gained. The Diploma level is accepted for UK University entrance. Candidates can enter a level that suits them and rise through the courses as they improve their language skills. The curriculum is designed according to the Council of Europe, Common European Framework

Course Title
Corresponding Edexcel Certification
Corresponding Cambridge ESOL Certification
Council of Europe Levels
Foundation (level A1)
Breakthrough (A1)
Basic (level 1)
Key English Test (KET)
Waystage (A2)
Elementary (level 2)
Preliminary English Test (PET)
Threshold (B1)
Upper Intermediate
Intermediate (level 3)
First Certificate in English (FCE)
Vantage (B2)
Advanced (level 4)
Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
Effective Operational performance-EOP (C1)


Students are prepared for tests carried out by London Examinations (Edexcel) or Cambridge ESOL Examinations at the end of each of the 6 levels. Edexcel tests are referred to as London Tests of English. Edexcel and Cambridge are responsible for setting of test papers and marking of answer scripts. Successful students receive Certificates of Attainment from Edexcel and Cambridge at the end of each level. These qualifications are internationally recognized.

English for Adults and Professionals

This programme is for learners of 18 years and over. The programme is available in 3 levels. The curriculum is designed by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. Therefore, students may opt to sit for examinations of Cambridge if they wish to at the end of each of the following 3 levels.

Courses Title
Cambridge Certification
Council of Europe Levels
Professional English 1
Business English Certificate 1
Threshold (B1)
Professional English 2
Business English Certificate 2
Vantage (B2)
Professional English 3
Business English Certificate 3
Effective Operational Performance - EOP (C1)


Students have a choice between certification by Gateway or Cambridge ESOL.

- John Keells Scholarships -
The John Keells English Language Scholarship Programme, delivered through the Gateway Language Centre commenced in 2004. In 2010, the programme was restructured and titled ‘English for Teens’ offering the Foundation level scholarship to candidates ranging between the ages of 12-14. The teachers of our programme say it is a pleasure to teach this category of students. Currently Pre Intermediate and Intermediate levels are offered to students at the successful completion of the Foundation level. The programme is implemented in 20 locations every year, covering almost all the provinces in the island.

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